Fragrâncias de maçapão

marzapane Other names: almond paste | Sweets And Gourmand Smells
Perfumes que contêm nota de fragrância - Maçapão | Perfil olfativo:uma nota amendoada com uma faceta agridoce, que lembra a pasta de amêndoa com o mesmo nome, usada para decorar e rechear sobremesas
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Marzipan is a confectionery that consists of sugar or honey and almond flour. Marzipan is distinguished by its strong almond aroma, and it is often used for chocolate fillings, icing on cakes, as a cake ingredient, or it can be shaped into small figures. Marzipan is produced from clean almonds that are submerged in water at a temperature just below the boiling point for about five minutes. When the skin of the almond peels off, it is removed and the bare almonds are then cooled and crushed with up to 35 percent almond flour sugar. The flour is roasted and cooled, and sometimes mixed with binders such as starch syrup or sorbitol.