Fragrâncias de hediona

Perfumes que contêm nota de fragrância - Hediona | Perfil de perfume:Uma fragrância floral fresca que lembra jasmim com nuances verdes.
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Oud Seta
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Oud Seta

SKU: Oud Silk Mood

SKU: Oud Silk Mood

MARCA: Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Notas de fragrância Bergamota italiana, camomila azul marroquina, rosa búlgara, hediona, madeira de Gaiac, oud do Laos, papiro indiano Compare com Oud Silk Mood


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The first organically synthesized scented substances that appeared on the shelves of pharmacies in the 19th century definitely changed the face of perfumery. At that time, it was important to diligently copy Mother Nature and create “nature-like” compounds (like vanillin, coumarin, benzaldehyde, heliotropin, ionones, etc. ), but at the same time By the turn of the century, the first man-made materials had seen the light of day, and these materials could not be found in the real, organic world outside of the laboratory.